Monday, May 19, 2008

And an order of Twice-Cooked Epidermis

The third weekend heatwave in the last two months hit us this weekend, although temperatures -- mid to upper 80s -- this time weren't quite as high as they were during the last heatwaves (and Saturday & Sunday seemed cooler than Friday was).

I finally decided to tackle the first phase of my bedroom (more like bed-alcove) painting project. Here you see it. Yes, it is yellow -- nice of you to notice. I plan to glaze over it with a darker shade; stay tuned for home improvement updates.

Luckily, I finished painting, doing some planting in the garden, and temporarily rearranging my bed before.... sloshing some smoking hot peanut oil out of a wok and onto the top of my bare foot. Yowch. I wonder if Martha Stewart suffers such first-aid worthy indignities. The good news is that even with a small second-degree burn, I'm still able to finish whipping up a heap of Ma-Po Tofu. Martha Stewart's Sichuan doppelgänger would be proud. Gosh, my life is exciting.

Oh, and I finally finished reading Yann Martel's The Life of Pi, an amazing book which, if it doesn't necessarily make one believe in God, it sheds a beautiful and tragic light on the process by which we create and tell stories -- divine or otherwise -- for ourselves and others. The following terrific illustration is by Andrea Offermann.


Salty Miss Jill said...

OUCHH! Oil burns are the worst. Hope that didn't give you too much trouble.
Maybe it's the blue reflecting on the walls...but they look chartreuse to me. Great color. :)
I also loved 'Life of Pi'. Another great one featuring a tiger as a metaphor for colonialism is 'A Tiger for Malgudi'.

T$ said...

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The Book Meme

Play along...or ignore at your leisure...

Jeremy said...

I suppose it's a little late to post a comment on this post from the other day, but I don't care, so uhhhh... you have the most adorable toes!

ewe said...

i agree. your toes are delightful looking.