Sunday, October 26, 2008

“Not all good things come to an end now... only a chosen few”

Far and wide I'll search for my baby
I won't let pride stand in my way
This heart inside will always love him
And somewhere some night among the neon lights
I'll find my baby

Alone tonight I see from my window
Those city lights you left me for
Are they still bright? Or have they faded?
Well, give up the lights and come back tonight
I need you, baby

My only plan is to search again
Each night when lights are blue
I'd let him go but my heart knows it's one thing I can't do
And somewhere some night among the neon lights
I'll find my baby

       ~Laura Cantrell

Sunday, October 12, 2008

μουσακάς Sunday

That's Mr. Moussaka to you. One thing is certain: I will never waste away from lack of eating due to depression.

Actually, I've been both feeling great mood-wise and also more sanguine about my not-really-a-weight-problem weight problem.

Although I probably weigh more than I ever have in my life and could stand to lose ten pounds to close in on my ideal weight, the other day I realized that I don't feel as self-conscious about my body as I sometimes have felt. In fact, the other day, I felt pretty damn good, and as I walked down the street with a smirk on my face, a very silly realization came to mind: I was thinking, "If I weren't on these damn meds, I know I'd be a lot thinner."

And then, just seconds later, I thought, "Yeah, if I weren't on these meds, I bet I'd most DEFINITELY be a LOT thinner... 'skeletal,' you might say."

That, ladies and gentlemen, is my way of putting things into context.

And for some brief recommendations on the culture front:

· I still have to watch the final two (of six) hours of La Meglio Gioventù, but I highly recommend it for those of you looking for worthwhile additions to your Netflix queue (I believe my queue is approaching 450 titles, which probably includes no more than 25 titles that I've already seen).

· Last weekend I discovered (thanks to KCRW) the Swedish music group Detektivbyrån (link to their MySpace page where you can have a listen) and immediately downloaded one of their albums. I find their instrumental music sweet like children's lullabies and at the same time intensely melancholy. It's a bit like a mashup of cheesy 1970s science-fiction television show soundtracks and merry-go-round or jack-in-the-box music. One review I read said their music is much like the Yann Tiersen's music for the film Amélie, and upon relistening to a bit of that, I'd agree. I also need to look up who did the music for Pan's Labyrinth, because I recall similarities to some of that film's score as well.

A good friend of mine, by the way, has commented many times that she is almost totally oblivious to the music in films.

Anyway, that's what passes for my idea of excitement lately. The days are getting shorter, and our version of a cold snap descended late last week with wild winds on Friday afternoon and evening. The chill was perfect for hunkering down, alone but content, under the comforter.