Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's a Rainy, Rainy Wednesday

Don't read too far into this, folks. I've been holding onto this image for months, and today seems as good a day as any to finally post it.

The UU church has the most consistently entertaining signboard in town. I attended a service there once, just to check things out (not to mention a very sad memorial of someone who was like a mother to me). I wouldn't mind being a UU; I just don't have the fortitude to do anything that consistently.

This is where a therapist might prompt, "Say more about that...," but maybe I'll save that for another time.


Huntington said...

But no one snowflake IS responsible for an avalanche. These kind of seemingly profound statements that make no sense when you really think about them are exactly why the UUs are a bunch of airy-fairy, linen-wearing, dreamcatcher-hangin', Kucinich-bumper-sticker-stickin' matrons from Mill Valley and Ojai.

Wow. Who do I sound like?

kusala ~ joe said...

Um, like an asshole? Or were you shooting for a more specific comparison?

Talk to Voltaire's hand.

Huntington said...

Yeah, I know. It's what came to mind. I wish every UUer perfect joy always. Really.

But also...gravity is what causes avalanches.

Salty Miss Jill said...

I am cracking up over that exchange!

Wow-I've been thinking of going to the UU's Sunday services here myself...but I can't seem to haul my lazy good-for-nothing self out the door in time. Sorry excuse, I know. If you go, I'll go...

kusala ~ joe said...

So you're now an ice/snow scientist? I think the quantity of snow might have something to contribute in addition to gravity. A quarter-inch dusting doesn't result in avalanches too often, now does it.

I think you're smart enough to get the point of what Voltaire was trying to imply, right? Why must we have these kind of debates...?

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I'm a lapsed UU'er but am fortitude-challenged as well, at least when it comes to sitting in a pew. I attend 10-12 times a year.

I've actually held a couple of events at the SB UU in the past, and I recall them having amusing quotes on that sign. Unfortunately the SF UU lacks that level of humor and whimsy. They have hymns that would make Lutherans in Iowa seem like a hip hop group by comparison.

Huntington said...

Of course I get Voltaire's point. Like most aphorisms, it's true while leaving much more to be said.

SubtleKnife said...

2007 is the year I discovered Unitarian Universalism. And I love it.

Ladron de basura, I wouldn't call that lapsed! My Fellowship only meets ten times a year, unfortunately. But if you can't make it, or you simply don't feel like it, no problem and hope to see you next time. I can't get over how nice everybody is. I haven't met a UU I disliked.

UU is so small over here, and most of the members are US expats, not that many of us 'natives'. I've actually been trying to figure out how to reach more people. Even among those who know about UU-ism there is little awareness that there are fellowships in Europe.

Thanks Huntington, I haven't been called airy-fairy for a long time. I feel better now! Seriously.

As for linen-wearing, yes I do have some linnen clothes but they tend to crease too easily, I'm not too fond of them. I think dreamcatchers are ugly and I don't believe in what they're supposed to do. "Kucinich-bumper-sticker-stickin'" - he was the candidate that matched my views most closely, but stickers would damage the paint job! Okay, I admit I have a certain matronly shape, but I'm from Delft, born in Scheveningen.

Huntington said...

SK, as I hope you know, no actual offense was intended. Sometimes my snark filter goes on the fritz. On those occasions, I really shouldn't type words.

SubtleKnife said...

You're right. It is on the fritz. :P

No offense taken at all.

Steven said...

Every UU congregation is different. It's not a denomination. UUs are descended from Congregationalists (the Puritans were Congregationalists), for which one of the most important rules is congregational polity, meaning each group governs itself. And so they've evolved very differently from region to region and even from church to church.

There are some broad similarities, but a UU service in Boston is VERY different from one in Southern California, or Alabama, or wherever.