Monday, January 28, 2008

Bang Bang, Shoot Shoot

I already mentioned a couple of months ago that I enjoyed the Julie Taymor Beatles-based musical film Across the Universe. I ended up buying the soundtrack around Christmas because I liked the music so much, and for some reason I've been especially drawn to that version of Happiness is a Warm Gun and my memories of the way the scene was filmed in the movie. I think Taymor really came up with some clever scenes for her Vietnam War-themed film, including one with a little cameo of Salma Hayek at her sex-kitten best. So, here it is for your potential enjoyment:

I remember listening many times to my Mom's mothballed copy of "The White Album" when I was in high school, but at the time, Happiness... was one of the many songs I used to skip over on that album because it was too hard edged for me or something. I tended to play over and over the more melody-driven tracks like Blackbird, Julia, Martha My Dear, and Rocky Racoon (which is probably one of my top five favorite Beatles songs).

I think I'm long overdue to add The White Album -- not to mention other Beatles essentials -- to my music collection.

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Salty Miss Jill said...

'The White Album' was on heavy rotation during my high school years. Great album!