Monday, October 08, 2007

Streetwise, Avenue Foolish

It's Monday morning, I'm already a bit bored, and Huntington's recent idea seemed kind of fun, so, here you go...

Pilgrim Avenue: <1973 (may have been others prior, but if so, I don't remember)
Western Avenue: 1973-1975
Tyler Street: 1975-1979
Chestnut Avenue: 1979
Main Street: 1979
Ollie Burke Road: 1979-1988
Pilgrim Avenue: 1988-1991
Abrego Road: 1991-1992
El Colegio Road: 1992-1994
Camino Pescadero: 1993 (summer)
Segovia Road: 1994 (summer)
University Avenue: 1994-1995
West Valerio Street: 1995
Chapala Street: 1995-2004
Loma Street: 2004-2005
Grand Avenue: 2005-


Huntington said...

Great title! For only have shared living space once, we sure have haunted the same streets and avenues.

kusala said...

Oh we've haunted more than the same streets and avenues, alright...

Huntington said...

The AYM will have to tutor us on the back alleys of PDX, hmm?

Ladron de Basura said...

Well, this one begs for a follow up with the long standing formula for coming up with your porn star name by combining your first pet's name with the first street you lived on. I'm anxious to hear what Mr. Pilgrim's first name is.

Huntington said...

I don't know about Joe, JT, but mine is Louie Saratoga, whom I've always imagined to be an Ulitmate Fighting bruiser who just wants to be loved...10 or 12 times in 90 minutes.

The Angry Young Man said...

What's up with the streets? Also, back alleys?! I doubt either one of you needs any tips on back alleys from the likes o' me.

m00nchild said...

Missy Tottenham Court Road. How the hell would a girl like that get fisted in a hard core leather lesbian flick!?

T$ said...

My pornstar-petname/street nameworks a bit too well:

Ginger Denise

I like to think Ginger's an old buxom Ann-Margret-y coppertop who's never without a pair of tassled pasties.