Monday, October 08, 2007

Have You Left No Sense of Decency?

It's nice to see that if "the State Law" weren't enough, some people are at least appealing to unhygienic slobs' senses of decency when it comes to handwashing.

And not just any decency but Common Decency!

This sign sounds like it might have been written by me, except it's more polite than I would be.

Do you people out there realize how many men leave restrooms without washing their hands? Ick.

And all of you out there pump the paper towel, wash your hands, leave the water running, grab the towel, dry, then use the paper towel to turn off the grody faucet and open the door to leave the bathroom, right? Yes, yes, I know it wastes at least 28.6 extra cubic feet of water doing it that way, but it's the only proper way, isn't it?


Huntington said...

Is this before or after I wipe off the corner of my mouth with the back of my hand? Or is this not that kind of public restroom?

kusala said...

Hmph. That kind of behavior obviates handwashing (not to mention Common Decency... oh, and State Law, while we're at it).

In such cases, do as you like on the hygiene front; I have absolutely no advice.

Ladron de Basura said...

You're lucky you'll never have to run into Sheryl Crow in a men's room. I am all for green composting and other environmental measures, but ample paper products for hygiene in public restrooms is where I throw environmental responsibility to the winds. You never know what faucet was just touched by some right wing senator from Idaho or South Carolina, but you know where their hands have been.

Mike M said...

Ok, Ok...I lucked into your blog, maybe through my buddy Steven's (Go Like Water), maybe via Lynette's, so as a stranger here, all I can say is "right on brother". I believe we don't contact enough of some types of germs, but I use the paper towels to touch everything on my way out of a public restroom. From the faucet to the door handles, then throw away the towel. Pet peeve- dining places that require waiters to pull a handle or twist a knob to get back out to my food. Push open, handleless is the only way to go. Sound a bit touchy about this, nO?

Liking the blog, thanks.