Monday, October 08, 2007

Can you help it if plain love now seems less interesting?

The Shins
Santa Barbara Bowl; October 6, 2007
(yes, it's blurry)

Wine was drunk.
Songs were sung along to.
A good time was had by all.
(All = me, W., her husband, D., and ~3000 others)

I gave up "pop" bands awhile ago, for the most part, but this has been the year of The Shins, and it's been fun.

Girl Sailor

The gutter may profess its love,
Then follow it with hesitation,
But there are just so many of
You out there for rent

A stronger girl would shake this off in flight,
And never give it more than a frowning hour,
But you have let your heart decide,
Loss has conquered you,

You've won one too many fights,
Wearing many hats every time,
But you wont win here tonight,

You've made it through the direst of straits alright,
Can you help it if plain love now seems less interesting?
You haven't changed an ounce in my eyes,
And I cannot lecture you...


m00nchild said...

What sort of music do you listen to?

kusala said...

J: I mostly listen to and buy "World Music" now, but I'm also addicted to most of the music programming on KCRW. Big on Brazilian, Portuguese, Indian (traditional & Bollywood), and African. Certain classical & jazz also well represented in my collection.

I am a Luddite without an iPod (or a digital library, for that matter), but I live a television-free existence, so my lifeline to the outside world is radio -- almost exclusively KCRW (they have a 24-hr streaming music channel too, which is pretty cool).