Tuesday, May 08, 2007

We'll Make Them Turn Their Heads Every Place We Go

Is it just me, or, with all that money, could Phil Spector find a better wig? (WARNING: NSF-after-meal-viewing.) It's like some kind of Carol Channing/Monkees mashup.

Seriously, though, I'm totally riveted by the coverage of his trial in the Los Angeles Times, and have been trying to not miss any of the accounts of all the witness-stand drama. I lap this stuff up as much as the average reader of People magazine. How sad is that?

Actually, I find "The Lana Clarkson Story" to be ripe for making into a Lifetime or Oxygen movie (does Oxygen produce its own movies? I've never watched it) after all this is over. It's a typical everybody-wants-to-be-a-star story of struggling actress being chewed up by the Hollywood machine and never making huge gains... ever living on the margins of celebrity... reduced to hostessing at the House of Blues. Except most struggling actresses don't end up with their molars scattered all over the foyer of an ageing record producer's Alhambra manse. It's so Sunset Boulevard.

I may someday need to rent Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Barbarian Queen, and Amazon Women on the Moon to check out some of the tragic Clarkson's oeuvre.


The Angry Young Man said...

Holy crap. He looks like Carol Channing, only worse.

It's amazing how the witness describes him chasing after his house guests late at night with guns. The character, Z-Man, in the fantastic 1971 film, "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" does the same thing, only slaughtering his guests. Roger Ebert wrote the script to that film, basing the character,Z-Man, on Phil Spector. 36 years later, real life imitates art. Amazing.

Junk Thief said...

He's definitely got that Z-Man meets Carol Channing vibe. But, in a weird way, I keep seeing a bit of the face of Joan Didion. Sure, Joan always has a sensible, conservative hairdo, but they seem to have the same face.

Huntington said...


If we stay here long enough, we will all turn out like that. I'm convinced of it.

BigAssBelle said...

oh . . . oh dear. phil. honey. oh my. how can he keep from screeching "GET IT OFF OF ME!!!! CRIKEY, WHAT THE HELL'S ON MY HEAD???" or similar.

copperred said...

Oxygen does produce its own movies, and they are better than Lifetime's. Still, the best series they have, at least on a downcast Saturday, is Snapped! which is about women who usually kill their husbands, but without the victimhood of Lifetime.