Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Is There Anything Lacking?

Because I like to think I ascribe to various Buddhist-oriented mumbo-jumbo ideas and philosophies, I recently resubscribed to Tricycle magazine's "Daily Dharma" feature, whereby pearls of ancient Pali-based (and Nor-Cal granola) wisdom are imparted via a quotidien email. Sometimes I greet it with an ennui-laden, "Meh," but most of the time, I find something of value in these pearls of ancient Pali-based wisdom. Take, for example, today's pearl:
At this moment, is there anything lacking? —Hakuin

Now, I have no idea who the hell Hakuin is, but that maxim, ladies and gentlemen, often sums it up. Other than a couple (or scores) of thousand extra dollars in the bank account, I ask you, IS THERE ANYTHING LACKING?

"Well then," the Buddha might say, "sit down and shuddup." And if the Buddha wouldn't say that, then I will.


Huntington said...

This has so been my mantra lately. It's amazing how well it works.

BigAssBelle said...

thanks for the reminder. i'll shuddup today. i am blessed.