Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Because this "blog" business is practically a joke...

... I might as well link to some sites with actual content worth reading. Thus, I've added a couple of links to my More-Than-Just-A "Blogroll" over on the right there. I did this primarily to remind myself to check the sites regularly, but for sheer entertainment value, I urge you to check them out as well, including their archives. In addition to being "merely" entertaining, I think they're supremely edifying:

First, Gustavo Arrellano's ¡Ask A Mexican! column from the Orange County Weekly. This column never fails to make me laugh, but I think Arrellano is also incredibly clever in the way he slyly deconstructs and subverts both racism and "political correctness" in the Alta California context. The column's title also reminds me of an anecdote from a former college roommate who, having moved to Kansas City to work for the Federal Reserve Bank upon graduation and finding it almost intolerably blanco, wrote to me saying that he thought of setting up a booth in the local shopping mall, with a sign saying, "See a Real-Live Mexican!"

My second new addition is Carolyn Hax's Tell Me About It, a no-nonsense, common sense, bitchslap-with-a-dollop-of-love advice colum that, in my opinion, should be required reading. To me, Hax is the unparalleled Dear Abby/Ann Landers of the Snark Generation. Dan Savage is up there in the pantheon with her, but Hax's topics tend to be broader than Savage's more sex-centric advice. Even though she peppers her answers with lots of sarcasm at times, it can never be too much for me, and I think the advice she dispenses is almost always spot-on.

Good stuff. Check them out.

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copperred said...

Ask a Mexican was very funny, I'll have to check back. Carolyn Hax is great, but before she was divorced she was a bit too hopeful/delusional. She used to be married to the guy who does her illustrations and they still get on. She's remarried now I think.

I suspect I am over this blogging thing, and need to figure out how to die gracefully.