Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Him Werkinz on Universiteh Ph.D. Srsly!

Reading Joe's recent post got me poking around a tiny bit on the LOLcat web universe. (Shut up, I have free time...)

Coming across one site made me think that, almost certainly, someone, somewhere, is or will soon be working on a linguistics dissertation that involves creating a comprehensive, academic grammar of LOLcat.

Academia is bullshit, man. Srsly.


Papagayo said...

If I were to write this dissertation it would focus on the intersection(ality) of LOLspeak and texting/chatting shorthand. The fun thing about these "innovations" is that anyone can just make something up, which is my favorite thing about speaking English-- making verbs out of nouns, fun abbreviations, acronyms, alternate spellings to reflect the spoken word, et al. And I agree, academia is totes bullshit. 4realtho! (Except for what I study, natch)

Salty Miss Jill said...

I was going to write my Philosphy dissertation on the significance of the word 'And' in contemporary continental texts, ie.'Being and Time', 'Discipline and Punish',' Fear and Trembling', etc....