Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mama, I Smoked the Color TV

A post by Joe today reminded me of a situation I think about fairly often, considering it occurred a good 15 years ago.

Picture it... Isla Vista, circa 1992:

A group of four or five collegiate gay boys are walking one evening toward the main drag of a university neighborhood that's often incorrectly referred to as "the most densely populated square mile west of The Mississippi". On the way, they pass a group of four or five African American University Women walking in the opposite direction.

AA Woman #1 (soon after her group passes the gay boys): Mmmmmmm, any of y'all wanna have jungle fever with us?

Gay Boy (possibly someone writing this blog): Sorry, you're the wrong sex.

AA Woman #2 (heard as they recede into the distance): Oooooooh! You hear what he said?! He said, "You the wronnnnng sex."

AA Woman #1: Say what?! Oooh, you gay, boy?


Stash said...

Funny how that never happens to me. ;)

T$ said...

something very similar happened to me last year in Jamaica. A car load of ladies slowed down and tried to pick up me and another gay friend. When we declined - we got:

"What are you - GAY!"

We we had to wait until their car was out of view until we burst into laughter...

BigAssBelle said...

i used to work with a whole bunch of AA women. that's the thing i miss most about working for myself. they were beyond fabulous.