Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Paradise Cafe: June 5

Timelier still...

After a stroll through the downtown farmer's market, had dinner with J on Tuesday night, taking advantage of the Paradise's 24th Anniversary celebration. It's always been one of my favorite spots, especially to take out-of-town guests. As always, the appetizer of oak-grilled mussels with basil vinaigrette was the best part of the meal.

Oh, and two really strong margaritas definitely put me at about my limit, especially for a Tuesday night.


BigAssBelle said...

is that outdoors? it looks like it. which leads me to question why eating outdoors is such a pleasure. it is, but why? why more so than inside?

if that's not outdoors, the question lingers, but is moot for this particular post :-)

glad you had a good time.

George said...

Yeah, we missed the Paradise celbration this year. We still like their burgers and splurging on some good wine, since they have expensive-er wine at good prices, for a restaurant.

Oh, I tagged you with a meme, too. Sorry.