Monday, September 08, 2008

Den vackra söndagen

I think every week should end with (or begin with?) a three-day weekend. It may be the next best thing to not working at all, and we know that that option's not coming into play anytime soon. I may try to adjust my schedule for a few months later in fall so that I either leave at noon every Friday or take every other Monday off; that's a ten percent reduction in time, which the esteemed Institution for which I work seems to be encouraging people to do in these uncertain times. My department seems to be "flush" enough, as our budget doesn't change with the wind as so many do. Still, since we're not so busy after September, I may run this by Those Who Wield Control and see how it goes over. I just need to figure out if and for how many months I might be able to deal with a reduction in net pay. I may need to learn to reduce the amount of money I fritter away on various trifles; perhaps not a bad strategy.

In the meantime, the following photos sum up my dinner and dessert -- eaten after attending a string concert at the neighborhood Episcopal Church -- on what was a really incredible Sunday.

First up was Green Beans with Pork and Tofu (Thai Prik Khing style, with garlic, fresh green chile, red chile paste, and shrimp paste), lest you think that all I ever cook and eat are desserts. Of course, it was followed up with the next-to-last piece of Peach Custard Pie, because the pâtissier in me just can't be kept down.


Papagayo said...

wow, i don't think i've ever had pork and tofu together before, although i appreciate you bringing the bean curd into the meat-eating conversation. are those lanterns on your porch? they're very pretty; makes me want to jazz up my little apt

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Weren't we just talking about contradictions over on my blog? It's sort of like the pro-green Berkeley tree sitters doing a press conference on their cell phones, no doubt powered by the Cheney-loving AT&T.

BigAssBelle said...

Peach Custard Pie, because the pâtissier in me just can't be kept down.

there is no point to life without dessert.