Monday, June 16, 2008

Violet Newstead, please hold...

This here Not-a-Bollywood-Beefcake Blog is going to have to get pushed even further onto a back burner (and hopefully won't fall behind the stove) while work craziness and the kickoff of busy season reign supreme.

An Angry Young Aesthetically-Challenged Curmudgeon indicated that he wanted something new to look at here. Hence, this post.

Delivery of a budget-stretching Dell laptop sometime around late July should help rectify this intolerable work-blog ratio. I guess I'll just run the risk of alienating my three faithful readers by not updating my content very often during the next few weeks.

If you're ever wondering if I'm still alive and kicking, have no fear: you can always check the comment boards at everyone's favorite gay blogdaddy.


The Angry Young Man said...

I am NOT aesthetically challenged. Few people have a greater appreciation for aesthetics than I, mister.

Huntington said...

Yay, you're getting a computer!