Friday, February 15, 2008

Your Future is There Inside Your Cold Cold Heart

Just what I love: Getting a nasty-assed cold right before a three-day holiday weekend. Vive la Presidents' Day! I was supposed to be immune from sickness for the rest of the winter, if not the year, after being ill during my Christmas trip to New Jersey. So much for that karmic fantasy. The weird thing is that I can barely hear out of my right ear; I hope that doesn't foretell an imminent nasty infection. I'm at work, but I'm on the drugs -- the best Kroger store-brand melange that money can buy (one thing I never do is brand-name medication -- the price on that stuff is so jacked up you might as well flush your money down the drain, I tell ya!).

Also, I'm a (recent) committed user of cotton handkerchiefs, but during a juicy illness like this, you'd better believe that I'm singlehandedly destroying the Pacific Northwest by going through handfuls of Kleenex.

The three faithful readers shouldn't feel compelled to send condolences. It's not that bad. Nothing some extra time in bed won't cure -- and lounging on my ass in bed is something I don't mind at all. It's also something I do particularly well.

On another note, I'm thinking of hopping on a train to Santa Fe for my fortieth birthday at the end of the month and spending two nights there. The train leaves here at around 1pm Thursday, I'd get into Santa Fe around 3pm Friday, spend two nights, then do the reverse trip on Sunday afternoon. Santa Fe is one of my favorite places in the world, and I haven't been there since a really nice trip with an ex (The One) in fall 1999 (which means that, yes, there'll be some potential for a depressing nostalgia factor, but what the hell). In fact, Santa Fe is probably one of the few places I'd consider living that isn't on a coast. In any case, this trip is an option, since it would be nice to do something "different" and go away somewhere for this [cough] milestone of a birthday.


Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Reader #5 here wishing wellness. Stock up on pork products and good DVDs. Also happy 40 in advance. That's a great destination despite the over development and annoying tourists. At least it's not been completely ruined by such development the way Sedona has. Visiting there makes me want to join the NRA, get a "Why call it tourist season if we can't shoot them" t-shirt and then prove that you actually can.

copperred said...

Reader # @ informs you that he had a cold that appears to have triggered bronchitis. I have never before run though an entire box of kleenex before. I've decided to go back to the gym, in an effort to kill myself faster.

Thankfully all the medications for my allergies are indicated to work really well against the coughing and wheezing. The 14 hour nap yesterday was good too. So for you I prescribe at least 2 14 hour naps and as much mucinex as you can stand. Forget about sex or any sort of ejaculation by any means, I have.

Papagayo said...

don't know what number i would be but i like your use of the word 'juicy' to describe your cold. gets the image right across.

BigAssBelle said...

but during a juicy illness like this. . .

may i just say eeeeeewwwwwwww to that imagery?

poor pumpkin. hope you're better soon.

i also love santa fe, and taking a train would be the best.

i just got back from sedona and the grand canyon and it was magnificent. i love the southwest.