Monday, December 31, 2007

Brotherhood of the Royal Order of the Green Monkey

December 23, 2007

A good time was had by all during my reunion with Jeffery & Derek, and a leisurely brunch was definitely not enough time. It's amazing to think that sometimes you can actually fall into easy and hilarious conversation with old friends even after thirteen-plus years since last seeing or talking to them.

Is this candle flame the same candle flame that was burning minutes or hours ago? As they say: yes... and no...

We're all doing well. It was a great day. I'm happy I made the effort, and really happy that I got those two back together (in the city they both live in, no less!).

Today's lesson?: Go ahead, Google and send an email to that long-lost friend (or two) that you've been meaning to look up. After all, it's the New Year.

Happy 2008, everyone!


Huntington said...

Well, yay! It's been a long time since slumber parties at Casa de Frutas, but it's good see some stalwart veterans alive and prospering.

BigAssBelle said...

that's pretty cool. i occasionally google old friends, but would never think of meeting up with them.

you're are quite the handsome cutie pie in black. very fetching indeed.

there's a guy in dallas, though, who i dated briefly before turning him gay :-) (thank heaven i never even kissed him, or i'd have been wrecked) . . . i talked to him for the first time in 20 years just a while back. he sounded exactly the same, just as fabulous as always. i'd love to see him eventually.

must. do. go see kurt in dallas.