Monday, December 10, 2007

(Another) Dutch Treat

I usually don't go there, but I couldn't resist seeing what the Freepers (you can Google "Free Republic" if you must; I'm not linking to them) had to say about the news of the Dutch government's recent actions to “tackle rising homophobia at home, by investing money in programmes mainly aimed at the resident Muslim community” and also asking aid recipient countries to decriminalize homosexuality. (See also, JoeMyGod.)

I think I've almost gotten to the point where the Freepers seem humorous:
  • Muslims are going to reject this. If you liked the riots in France, just wait til you see 'em in the morally bankrupt Netherlands.
  • Western hedonism versus Islam. Which side to root for? With any luck, they'll snuff each other out.
  • I have to side with the muslims on this one.
  • Sweet Moses! Am I really going to have to pull for the Muslims in this mess? Europe is practically aborting its own culture. What a horrible shame.
  • For their stand against gay unions,the Polish people must be the brightest people in Europe.I refuse to listen to another Polish joke!Anyone know any Dutch jokes?
  • Interesting indeed. WASP europeans and other typical products of Western civilization are determined to die themselves off via abortion and homosexuality, but also want everyone else to die, as well. Hmm. I’d rather worship Allah. Perhaps it is time for this particular cultural product to be killed off.
  • It may appear to be sufficient that people who find homosexuality naturally revolting just stop giving their opinion, but in time even that will not be enough for homosexuals. Even if some people are scolded into silence, or even sufficiently “re-educated” to accept homosexuality, God has already sufficiently published His judgment on the matter.
  • Sounds like a “pass the popcorn” situation. I’d like to see them stage a Gay Pride parade that is timed to pass by the biggest mosque there right as Friday services are letting out
  • I’d get cable if one of the news channels took cameras to the “homosexual propaganda in Moslem youth group” sessions.
  • Yep. Wait ‘till the muzzies get out the video cameras and the dull knives. And you know, in this instance, I couldn’t care less what they do the dutch degenerates.
  • A substantial culling on both sides would be nice.
  • We’ll see how powerful the homo activists are when they are headless.
  • Perhaps it will be the muzzies who end up saving western civilization by some unintended consequence.
  • I say we send Rosie O’donuts and Smellen DeGenerate over there to lead the “sensitivity”’ll be the last we ever see of the two of ‘em!
  • Well, that certainly cinches it: I will not waste a minute nor a DIME in Holland on any European vacation. Let them rot in Rotterdamn.
  • Yeah, good luck on those Muslim kids! Can’t wait to see cars burning on the streets on your cities.
  • The gay groups are defying Islam--in a weird, censorship kind of way, trying to enfoce a kind of "sharia" on the Muslims.
    This isn't like defying Christianity--you can get killed defying Islam. Like I said,a weird and "thought crime" way to go about it. However, I'm looking at any group that defies Islam as having a lot of nerve.
  • Yeah. There’s not much hope for a society where the main concern about Muslims is that they don’t like to see two men kissing and groping one another in public places.
  • Still, for all their claims of being so terribly tolerant that everyone else should be ashamed, the Dutch too often turn out to be little more than jackbooted thugs with a decided taste for buggery.
  • Don't fascist western swine have any respect for multiculturalism and "otherness???"


Huntington said...

My fave:

"This isn't like defying Christianity--you can get killed defying Islam."

Yeah, there's a historically literate person.

T$ said...

Tag! You're it in this season's installment of The Ten Little Tings Meme...courtesy of Buffalo Void.

Play along...or don't play along...either way you're tagged!


Stash said...

Well that certainly made the last five minutes less boring than it's been all day thus far.

I'm almost afraid to look at T$'s meme...

Salty Miss Jill said...

(eyes rolling)