Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Getting in the Swing, You've Come to Look for Keeng

I have to say, I think I'm missing part of the gay gene (in addition, of course, to other essential building blocks of life).

This is not news. I have always felt like more than a weirdo.

After recently reading Joe's and M00nchild's recent rapturous Odes to The Dance, I can still say..... "Yawn." (Don't get me wrong, both pieces of writing were great, evocative, and touching.)

I'll just say I've had several joyful moments swaying on a dancefloor. Particularly memorable were a couple of college treks to Santa Monica Boulevard; during that era we rechristened a tune from Erasure's ABBAesque EP into "Spray All Your Cum On Me" (yes, yes... juvenile college gay boys). Any dance-oriented fun was always more in the context of barhopping rather than the dance "scene" itself.

But the whole nightlong Sufi-esque, transcendental experience that people talk about? The Gay Man's Communion with The Universe and Celebration of Difference? Well, it's just not part of my experience. It leaves me feeling like M00nchild's straight, normative therapist with teenaged children. I'm decidedly no disco savant.

As Liev Schreiber's character describes in The Daytrippers, "A pointer who can't point....", I ask you: What are we to make of a gay man who doesn't dance?


Huntington said...

We make him prepare faaaabulous gourmet treats for that moment the next day when we suddenly feel like eating again, that's what we do.

Enough of your gay genes are intact, never you fear.

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I'm probably somewhere in between you and m00nchild/Joe-My-God on this whole topic, though probably closer to your take on it. I am more or less of Joe's vintage (a few years older, actually if I recall his profile correctly), so I was around when many of these tunes were first released. I can enjoy a mix MP3 of them, make a few of my own mixes now and again, but after a day or two I've got to put it away. I get sort of a weird sense of vertigo like I did as a kid after too much Halloween candy. And I don't get the whole spiritual bonding around the dance floor events. They're not quite as annoying to me as Pride and Folsom Street Fair, bu not something I'd endure the lines, smelly bathrooms and other indignities for.

m00nchild said...

kusala:The world needs variety, not conformity. Those who don't dance have other pursuits of the sublime. If you're yawning it's because you gotta get some rest before doing your own thing. I hope to read about it.

JT: I never step inside smelly bathrooms. Even when they're outside of night clubs.

BigAssBelle said...

well you just can't have it all, eh?