Friday, September 28, 2007

We'll Act As If We Had Never Been Together

I've been wanting to write a bit about a lot of movies I've seen in the past 3-6 months, but for now...

Wednesday I went to see Julie Delpy's 2 Days in Paris with J. Found it really funny, generally light and entertaining, with many great moments where it evoked that sympathetic recognition of universal human experience. I guess there've been some criticisms of it being self-indulgent or sophomoric, but what the hell, it's 25 times better than most movies released (Jodie Foster, I'm glancing in your direction).

It had a brief scene containing Daniel Brühl, who initially came to notice in one of my favorite films, Goodbye, Lenin. I find him especially attractive, in a very ordinary way. It's not like he epitomizes "my type" (I don't have one), but I wouldn't mind snuggling next to someone like Brühl for several years.

Despite the general awkward hilarity, there were a few moments in 2 Days that cut to the core, like the following bit of narration:

"It always fascinated me how people go from loving you madly to nothing at all, nothing. . . . Always the same for me. Break up, break down. Drunk up, fool around. Meet one guy, then another, fuck around. Forget the one and only. Then after a few months of total emptiness start again to look for true love, desperately look everywhere and after two years of loneliness meet a new love and swear it is the one, until that one is gone as well. There's a moment in life where you can't recover any more from another break-up. And even if this person bugs you sixty percent of the time, well you still can’t live without him."
Yeah, that bit was especially uplifting.

Also: Adam Goldberg is such a cute Jewbear (is that term offensive?).


Junk Thief said...

Being half Jewish, half French descent and 100% neurotic, this film really speaks to me. Julie Delpy is one of my favorite actresses of the past 20 years and reminds me that I probably am not 100% gay. And Adam Goldberg reminds me that whatever that percentage breakdown is, the guy chasing ratio will always be dominant. And, no, Jewbear, is not an offensive word.

m00nchild said...

I don't think Jewbear is offensive -- I'll probably be one within 15 years.

That quote was not something I should have read in a moment of total emptiness -- despite the date I had tonight.

It's been 4.5 years since I had my last breakup. Maybe why I'm so resistant to falling in love again is due to not wanting to have to recover again when the breakup happens.

And if I do get past this wall and become involved with someone at this point, it's quite possible I'll stick with them no matter what happens.

I'll try and pick up this movie when it's out on dvd.

Salty Miss Jill said...

'Jewbear'? Nah, not offensive to me...but probably to someone else. Just don't tell the PC cops.

T$ said...

Julie Delpy drives me crazy in a good way...I'd swing across the Kinsey scale for her, for sure.

Glad you liked 2 Days in Paris - it really got to me when I saw it a month or so ago...