Thursday, August 23, 2007

For a Very Long Time

[with acknowledgments to Mr. MyGod]


m00nchild said...


I won't tell you to cheer up. When people say that to me, I want to smack them.

Side note: Every photo but one has repetition of form as elements repeat one another in a mind numbing fashion.

Nice touch.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Disappointing, ain't it?

Although some consider you a rockstar of the blog world...

Terrific presentation. :)

Huntington said...

W.O.R.K., N.O.!
No no my mommy don't
W.O.R.K., N.O.!
No no my daddy don't
W.O.R.K., N.O.!
No no my sister don't

We could be on the dole in early '80s London going to clubs to see Spandau, Duran, Culture Club, and (of course) Bow Wow Wow instead...

kusala said...

H: Could people on the dole afford concert tickets back in the early 80s? Or maybe we'd have been seeing those groups before they hit it big, when they were playing in some pre-gentrification Canary Wharf squat?

Jill & Moon: Thanks for the compliments & words of support!

All: It's honestly NOT that bad, and at least I find a lot to enjoy about my out-of-office life (when I have one... which I will again soon). Actually, in-office life can be fun too. It's just been a very hectic summer!

Huntington, agreeing, said...

Exactly. They all hung out at these seedy Kings Cross clubs, getting their looks together, throwing the English version of shade. A common sight to see Boy George spit in Billy Idol's lager.