Thursday, June 28, 2007

Survival Guide for the Solitary Homosexual

From Chapter One:

For a simple meal when one doesn't feel like going to all the effort to make a vol-au-vent or pot-au-feu (which in any case are unseasonably wintry or autumnal dishes), a classic homemade shrimp bisque is an excellent alternative, especially on a warm weekend evening as one awaits the advent of Midsummer.

Warning: one should take care to not set the bungalow ablaze when flambéing the crustacean shells with brandy.

[June 16]


The Angry Young Man said...

Shrimp bisque?! EWWWWWWW!

Huntington said...

AYM, shrimp are nowhere near overfished or in any way unsustainable, so let it go, already. I think it sounds delicious.

BigAssBelle said...

damn, will you come cook for me?? i am missing, missing, missing time to myself, time in the kitchen, the leisure to cook as i want to. looks luscious.

emily2 said...

ooh, flambe!