Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The unforgettable smell of your skin

I've been having a Björkfest today, since I've heard her upcoming single Earth Intruders a few times recently and happened to actually catch her on SNL the other night. She is still incredibly weird, but compelling.

This video is for one of my favorite Sugarcubes songs, Walkabout, from the 1992 album Stick Around for Joy.

Some of the most freakish lyrics ever, but the song always manages to make me happy:

I admire the curves,
The golden landscape.
I wanna be there
Right with you.
That's where I'm staying,
Where no-one can find me
In the depths of the valleys
Magnificent landscape

Delicious boy,
With animal eyes,
Beautiful buttocks,
Haunting movements.
But the thing that makes me love you
Is the unforgettable smell of your skin.

There's a hole and there's a stick.
There's a cove and there's a ship,
That goes in and out of the harbour.

The heavy pear,
Totally ripe.
Adorable fruits
So generous.
This is where I'm staying,
Where no-one can find me,
In the depths of the valleys.
Magnificent landscape.

Mountains of Nutrition.
Two, side by side,
Above a navel
And under a chin,
That's where I'm staying,
Where no-one can find me.
In the depths of the valleys,
Magnificent landscape.

Is everything a landscape?
I'm in the landscape
Crawl into the canyon
Into the rain forest
Crawl up the crevasse
Jog along the tundra
Walk up the slope
Have a breather between the hills
Admire the view
Not yet on the peak
Walk further and rest
Between two tranquil pools
Then climb the peak
And admire
I'm captivated.


BigAssBelle said...

every time i see bjork, i want to go to iceland. who ever thinks of traveling to iceland? but she is so intriguing . . .

Junk Thief said...

Oh, I think of traveling to Iceland on days like this when California feels like the deep south with horribly hot weather.

People complain about Bjork for all the wrong reasons. Saying "she's so weird" is like saying Jessica Simpson is blonde.