Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Today is Tisdag

Another view this morning of the trees outside the building where I work:

So... sometimes I do stupid, incredibly nerdy things like write demented journal entries in Swedish, or poems, or just random things. Sometimes I like them, even though I don't think they're great. As other bloggers might say, I am unleashing my inner teenage girl through this blog sometimes. Anyway, a verse about "today":

vad är det då, för dag?
idag, jag lever
jag bor i världen
jag sjunger

jag bor här och där och där
och i dig
kom så tittar vi på solen
det är bara idag


Huntington said...

You just go ahead and unleash. It's spring, what the hell.

(And maybe provide an offline translation for Some Geminis too lazy to puzzle out a translation via online dictionaries.)

joe said...

I had thought of translating, but it's fairly silly and embarrassing. It just seems less silly and embarrassing when it's written in swedish with all those "prickorna" over the letters.

I know you said "offline", but what the hell:

what day is it, then?
today, i'm alive
i live in the world
i sing

i live here and there and there
and in you
let's look at the sun
it's only today

Whatevah. It was jotted...

Huntington, la segunda vez said...


I also enjoy the view of the vintage UCSB architecture. Ah, such carefree, halcyon days. (Not really.)

Pookie65 said...

I just had to come by and say hello to you after reading your "chainsaw reply" over at JMG. Brilliant retort. You MADE MY DAY! Thanks for the smile.

Hope you have a great day.