Friday, March 09, 2007

Sing Me to Sleep. Then Leave Me Alone.

I have been So. Damn. Tired. all week. Maybe I need to start eating lighter lunches, because sometime around 2pm every day it's as if a wall of bricks has fallen on me.

It is going to feel SO good to sleep as late as I want tomorrow morning. And I'll probably crawl into bed well before 10pm tonight too.

It is official: I am elderly.

Deep in the cell of my heart I really want to go... z z z z z z z z


Dave said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been so tired, but quoting Smiths songs sounds like a cry for help. Should we be concerned?

Joe said...

No need for concern, Dave, but thanks for the thought. Nothing that 18 hours or so of sleep didn't fix.

It's always a good time to quote Smiths songs, doncha know?