Thursday, October 26, 2006

Informed Golden State Voter: An Update

OK. I think I'm leaning toward voting for all the bond measures on the California ballot. I know the blogosphere was on edge waiting for this news.

I guess the clincher was seeing how it's projected that with all these new bonds, the state's debt-service ratio ("DSR" for you wannabe economists who enjoy acronyms) will peak at about 6% of state revenues (see handy graph below).

Shit, if my DSR were 6%, I'd spring out of bed dancing every goddamn morning.

Start sellin' da bonds!

As Alan mentioned, aren't these decisions what we elect representatives for? I had to spend a whole HOUR looking at my voter guide last night.

Just don't get me started on the "Sex Offender" and "Abortion Notification" propositions...

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Joshua said...

Thanks for the update - wasn't sure which way you were going to swing. Now I can sleep, tonight :P There sure are a lot of ballots this time around, aren't there?